Thursday 21 JULY 2011
Hours: around 21.00 - 22.00 p.m. (ITALY)



" ETHER VOYAGE + ( evp trasmission) "
The night before the performance I will lay in a part of the city a recording magnetic tape with no human presence there, ("retrocasuality").
During my performance a friend of mine will send me the nocturnal recorded files, unknowed for me, that I will manipolate with softwares. I will use stringed instruments from western tradition (cello) and eastern tradition like "esraj" together will interact with the rest of the sounds, presences tryng to destabilizing and causing a derangment with the digital dimension. The concert-performance wants to be a search and an evidentiation of the metaphysical sound, of the microsounds and its effects on the human perception and and inspired to the work of: Leif Elggren (Elgaland-Vargaland) C.M. Von Haussvolff Nikola Tesla and Konstantin Raudive.

Empirical Evidence

for Nostress Netlabel Opening inside Folkalab Collective

Curated by Aldo Ammirata | Nostress Netlabel


Meta-Curatorial Practices Platform

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